How to capture data on X (Twitter) "2 screens" login?

On x twitter the bitwarden browser addon does not automatically acquire the login data because of the 2 following login dialogues not just 1 form.
How to solve this problem?

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If you’re asking about how to save the login credentials in Bitwarden, just open your Bitwarden browser extension window (by clicking the Bitwarden icon) at the top of your browser, then click the “Add a login” link, enter your username and password, then click Save.

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Besides being variable, Auto-add and auto-update can be unreliable. It’s generally more reliable to follow workflows similar to what @grb recommended, i.e not relying on the auto-add and auto-update.

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same problem also on
Bitwarden does not recognize these logins

also on and many more.
Brave Browser does it perfectly, LastPass also

Such issues should be reported using the form below:

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