How to automatically enter password on this website Onedrive shared storage

Hi, How can I automatically enter the password on this webpage:

When I right-click on it and select Bitwarden ‘copy custom field name’, I get “Enter password”
I have tried with it, it is not working.
When I use Chrome developer tools, I do not see any Id for this password field :

Are you sure you want to enter your usual Microsoft account password on here, which is what will be matched for It looks like someone has shared a file with you and set a one-time password to protect access to the file.

Yes I want to automatically enter the shared storage password.
This password is different from my OneDrive password and his OneDrive password, it is just a sharing password.

It appears as though BW correctly identifies the password field, as it autofills for me using my MS credentials, but the page is coded to delete anything input in that way.

So you mean Bitwarden cannot input a password here?
I thought I could not do that because the field had no id.

It isn’t because it doesn’t have an ID - I am able to autofill my MS credentials, which is what you would usually expect on the domain I can see the password being filled, then a split second later, it’s deleted. The way the page is coded, I believe they are actively preventing the population of that box using utilities such as password managers. Not a good practice, but some sites do that.

To prove it’s the way the site is coded rather than an issue with Bitwarden, find the following HTML:

<input class="od-ValidatePermission-dialog--passwordInput" type="password" data-bind="value:password,valueUpdate:'input',click:clearPasswordInput,attr:{placeholder:strings.DialogTitle,disabled:dialog.isCheckingPassword(),'aria-busy':dialog.isCheckingPassword(),'aria-invalid':dialog.isInlineError()},keyboard:{mappings:{Enter:$component.onClick.bind($component)}},css:{'od-ValidatePermission-dialog--passwordInputError':dialog.isInlineError()}" placeholder="Enter password">

Edit it using your browser developer tools and remove the following attribute:


You’ll find autofill then works as expected.


Thank you for your answer. Using Chrome developer tools, I have removed as you specified


then pressed Enter to validate this. Then I have tried to fill out the form with Bitwarden, but password still got automatically removed.

This problem seems similar to one recently discussed on another thread. At the time, I wondered whether Bitwarden was partially to blame (by somehow issuing a “virtual mouseclick” into the password field at the end of the autofill action):

If I’m correct, the same thing may be happening here, and there may be an opportunity to refactor the autofill code to avoid this issue.

This fixed it for me in Firefox.

I have fully disabled javascript with ublock origin on OneDrive website and I can still not use Bitwarden for entering the password :

So I am not convinced javascript is the cause of the issue