How long does it take for payment via BitCoin Cash (BitPay) to reach the account balance?

The payment was replayed via BitPay at 11:32 AM UTC and the balance is still at zero. The transaction itself has been completed for a long time and already has 9 confirmations.

Tell me, how long does the average payment take via cryptocurrency and is it worth worrying after such a period?

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Well, I received a response from the support service that my first payment was made manually and I actually received the funds to activate the premium features.

But my second payment, which I made 5 hours later on the same day (that is, it has been more than 1 day since the approved transaction) in order to somehow move the situation out of the dead end at that time, also got into the same situation and need manually made.

I have already contacted tech support twice on this issue, but there is still no answer.

Could you please refund the funds for the unprocessed payment and clarify the situation?
This would fill in the gaps of uncertainty about the stability of making payments for your services.

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Hi @milachew, thanks sharing your experience. I’ve spoken with the team internally and it sounds like this is a known issue where the credit has to be applied manually by our Billing team. In the interim, please let the Support Team you’ve been talking to know about your second payment and they should be able to help!

Thanks for the response!
The support team responded and approved the refund.

I am glad that the problem has been clarified and you are working on it.
I hope it will be resolved soon. My colleagues are also interested in your service and they will also have the opportunity to pay exclusively with cryptocurrency.

I consider the issue closed.

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BitPay adventures, huh? The waiting game can be a bit nerve-wracking, but with 9 confirmations, you’re in the clear! Super glad to hear the support team sorted things out and gave the refund nod.

And hey, on a side note, have you ever explored the added privacy angle that crypto mixers bring to transactions? Just a sprinkle of crypto curiosity for you and your colleagues!