How Easy To Change Reused Passwords?

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If you have a Premium subscription (or if you have Premium privileges by being a member of a paid families, teams, or enterprise organization), then you can run a Re-Used Passwords Report to identify non-unique passwords stored in your vault.

There is no standardization among online services for how password changes are done, so it would be practically impossible for Bitwarden (or any other password manager browser extension) to automate the password change process.

The easiest method to make a password change is to navigate to the website’s password change form, then edit the corresponding vault item in the Bitwarden browser extension, completing the following tasks:

  1. Click the “Generate password” icon ( :arrows_counterclockwise:) in the password field, and click “OK” on the warning about overwriting your current password.
  2. Click “Select” in the upper right corner.
  3. Click “Save” in the upper right corner.
  4. Click the “Autofill” button.
  5. If the website’s password change form has an “Old Password” field, then you need to delete the value that was autofilled into that field, and enter the old password.
  6. Submit the online password change form, and you’re done!
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