How does premium family plan sharing work?

I’ve used a premium BW account ever since their biggest competitor went insane a few years ago. During that time, I’ve simply logged my BW account in on all of the family computers. But both of my kids are now adults, and I’m trying to get things ready for when they’re ready to move out. So, the things that I’m wondering:

~How does the sharing work? Do I have share my entire library of passwords, or can I pick and choose what goes to who?
~If, later, one of them were to move out, is it possible to migrate/export the data from one person’s profile into a new, private account with just them on it?

Hey @Greybird yes, you can select which users have access to which collections, you can also export from either individual or organization vaults for import into another account.

If needed, you can export a group vault into a CSV format and condition/separate out the individual logins to private accounts.

I’d recommend getting your kids to set up their own Bitwarden accounts. You can then invite them to the Family Plan. Everyone in your family will have their own, private vaults where they should keep their own passwords. For anything that needs to be shared between family members, e.g. Netflix account credentials, you would share with the “Organisation” (the family).