How does Bitwarden prevent and solve the increasingly serious issue of software overstepping its boundaries to spy on user privacy?

Nowadays, large companies and conglomerates, in order to maintain long-term wealth and status monopoly, do not hesitate to implement Orwellian measures. They brazenly spy on users’ personal privacy and other data, and then use AI to comprehensively evaluate the information collected from these big data to produce goods.

What measures does Bitwarden take to prevent other programs from overstepping their bounds to spy on account passwords in Bitwarden? Does Bitwarden organize or participate in hackathons, such as Pwn2Own, Pwnium, Black Hat, etc.?

Hi @Aorta - much of what you’re looking for is at the core of Bitwarden architecture. Bitwarden and our partners never have access to your vault data (including your passwords) due to a zero-knowledge approach to encryption. We also partner with security researchers at HackerOne to monitor for possible exploits or vulnerabilities.

If you want to learn more about the steps we take towards privacy and security, I recommend taking a look at our Compliance page and our Security White Paper! :shield: