How does Bitwarden make money?

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I am a huge fan of Bitwarden and I would like to support the project more by recruiting more users. However, once I explain to people the wonders of Bitwarden and how great it is, I almost always get the same question: ‘How does it make money then?’ - this question is often asked suspiciously.

How can I best explain to others the financial sustainability of Bitwarden given the relatively low annual fee? How is Bitwarden making money (i.e., how financially sustainable is the project)?

Sorry if this is off-topic ish; I really am keen to having a good answer to this question.


Bitwarden’s subscription plans for businesses cost up to $72/year per user, so a company with 150 employees would be paying an annual subscription fee of $10k. Thus, even if Bitwarden has only 100 such corporate clients, they gross $1 million dollar annually from business plans alone.

Also, see here:

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