How do you manage PIN numbers?

Now that I have BW all set up, I’m wondering how security-minded people who use BW create and manage so many PINs. I’m not talking about PINs for a website that can be managed in BW but rather PINs you need offline and would need to remember. Obviously there are ATM PINs. I have PINs for my personal laptop, a tablet, two mobile phones (work and home), a work desktop, a PIN for BW, a PIN for my authenticator app to open on phone, my garage door, my home alarm system, and doors at my workplace, to name a few. I have hard time keeping track of all of these PINs if they are not memorable or reused, yet I fear I might not remember an important PIN if it is random and not often used (e.g., to unlock a phone or open a door if biometrics don’t work). Similar to passwords, it seems impossible to have random PINs for so many offline things and remember them.

On the subejct of PIN reuse, I wonder type of threat model would PIN reuse be a problem for on devices? If I use the same PIN for my mobile phone, no one but me knows the PIN. If someone somehow got the PIN, it would only benefit them if they had access to my phone and devices.

Just curious how others manage PINs that need to be used offline as this seems to be a problem comparable to passwords.

As an example, I have a folder called “work”. One pin I have to remember is for my token. In my work folder I have a login entry where the name is “RSA token” without a password field. I made a custom field called “pin” where the pin is visible. I did this because my password fields are hidden unless I reveal them.

To keep the PIN visible you can also just have it in the field Username.

That’s a good point!