How do I keep the vault locked and still autofill the passwords?

I used to use Chrome’s password manager to log into websites. Since I was always logged to Chrome, I did not have to use a master password or PIN to autofill my passwords. Nevertheless, when I needed to see my passwords I needed to use a the password of my device.

Recently i switched to Bitwarden password manager and would like have it working similar way. More specifically, I would like to have the stored passwords autofilled without typing the master password or PIN, but have the vault locked (passwords not visible without master password of PIN) at the same time.

I searched for some tips but with no success. Maybe, the Bitwarden’s vault is either open or closed and this not possible.

Thank you for any tips.

Hi Tomas,

This is not possible with the way the Bitwarden vault works. When the vault is locked, your data is encrypted, so Bitwarden can’t tell whether you have credentials that match or not, and couldn’t fill the unencrypted values.

The exception is the mobile app on iOS, where the operating system can store a cache of URIs so that even when your vault is locked, Bitwarden can suggest autofilling credentials and, after you unlock, fill them.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you for your explanation. I will have to get used to the way Bitwarden works. I guess keeping the vault closed most of the time and using PIN in the browse extension and biometrics on Android devices is a way to go.

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