How do I import passwords individually

How do I import passwords individually? I have them in a Word doc.

This is how I would do this:

  • Export my current passwords from Bitwarden as something like Bitwarden.csv to find out in which order the details have to be: (App: File -> Export Vault or browser extension: Settings -> Tools -> Export Vault -> File Format: *.csv -> Enter the Master Password and press Enter)
  • Open the Bitwarden.csv in something like Notepad, Wordpad, Word, etc.
  • Make sure that the data in my Word document follows that order of the data in the exported file
  • Then in Word go to File -> Save as -> Browse (Office 2016)
    • Save as type: Plain Text (*.txt)
    • File name: Add any filename like MyPasswords.csv. Make sure to have it the extension csv instead of txt
  • Click the Save-button
  • Leave the default settings and click OK.
  • Go to
  • Log in, in the top left corner click onto Tools, click onto Import Data
    • 1. Select the format of the import file: Bitwarden (csv)
    • 2. Select the import file -> Choose File -> Select MyPasswords.csv
  • Click onto Import Data


Just in case that - for whatever reason - the database of Bitwarden gets screwed up you can simply delete it (Settings -> Scroll down to the Danger Zone -> Purge Vault) as you created that backup named Bitwarden.csv in the beginning.

PLEASE NOTE: For what I have read somewhere so-called Secure Notes (for some details see below) CANNOT be exported from Bitwarden. (@all: Correct me if I am wrong). In other words: If you do have Secure Notes do NOT delete your database without making sure that you at least have one more backup of those Secure Notes somewhere else.

Final note: Once the passwords are inside Bitwarden:

  • Put the original Word-document, the MyPasswords.csv and the Bitwarden.csv in a save place (USB-stick -> safe)
  • Write down the Master Password and put that piece of paper next the to the USB-stick into the safe
  • Delete the files mentioned above from the computer
  • Empty the trashcan
  • Get Bitwarden premium
  • Get 2 different 2FA-logins for Bitwarden
  • Test both
  • Just as a precaution every once in a while export the passwords from Bitwarden and put them onto that USB-stick and back into the safe.

Really done!


Unfortunately I don’t have Word 2016 but Office 2011!
So what do I do?

Would it help if I downloaded BitWarden from the App Store?

If you send me all your passwords, I can convert them to a CSV for you. Just send me your full name, address, and other identifying personal information in case I can’t reach you by email…

I’m JOKING! Don’t do that.

Seriously, how are your passwords stored in a Word document - are they structured somehow? Are they copied from an export of information from another password manager that created some structure? If not, I suspect you will just have to copy and paste everything into Bitwarden (the web vault on a browser or the desktop app will likely be most convenient).

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How many passwords do you habe in your document @mpbloom ? May be it is the fastest way to “import” them manually and create all entries from scratch in Bitwarden.

Otherwise you only have the possibility to bring your data in a format which is Bitwarden able to import.

  1. Create one new entry in Bitwarden with all information you would like to have in such an entry.
  2. Export your vault into a csv file and open it with a notepad or better with Excel.
  3. Save your Word document as a csv file too and open this csv file in Excel also.
  4. Customize your data as it appears in the Bitwarden csv file.
  5. Save it as csv file again.
  6. Try to import your new csv file into Bitwarden using “Bitwarden (CSV)” as source.

Hope this helps…