How do i find the shortcut on windows 11

(I shifted to Bitwarden almost a year ago after the last app I used had a leak, so I’ve not yet decided to pay a subscription again, mainly because I find BW a bit friction-full to use. Something I never had, with the subscription based PW manager that I had to ditch over the Easter period.)

My issue: Windows 11: When I install the app, I do not get given a desktop shortcut or a apps/program-files shortcut. The browser extension works fine, but the desktop app is not creating a shortcut, so I have to run the installer every time I want to open the BW desktop app, which strikes me as a defect. Or I have to use the pin to taskbar, which I don’t really want to do. Too much friction.

I don’t use the Windows client, but I downloaded it and installed (on Windows 11) just to see if I had the same issue you report.

After installing, I click the Windows (“Start”) icon, then start typing the word “bitwarden” and before I’m done it shows up there. I can also click the “All apps” button on the Start menu and it shows up under B. So I’m not sure where your issue lies.

I switched to BW a couple of years ago after my previous PW manager also had a leak. I’ve found BW pretty friction-less to be honest.

thanks @64bit , at least this proves it’s my install that has gone wrong - pretty sure it works on my other computer, so uninstall and install is the next step.

I think the thing I find slows me down with bitwarden on Android was how it logs me out almost instantly if i switched away from the app, But then I found the option to make it keep-alive for 4 hours. It just took too long to find that setting.
The native app menu and navigation require a lot of eye and mouse movement to do things, like having to hit “edit” instead of just letting me start editing a title or name feels like un-needed work, and then have to tap save, it feels very Windows 3.1 as a UI.

Anyway, will uninstall and install, that normally fixes a load of ills.

Any chance that you may be running the portable desktop app? If so, it does not insert a shortcut into the jump list (by design).

Yeah, that looks like what happened on my other machine. Been a heavy week. Thanks mon.

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