How do I find and search items by GUID?

Is it possible to search for items by GUID? Is it possible to fetch the GUID for an entry?

We have a ton of users in an organization and over 1,000 items in our list. It would be so much easier if we could refer to a GUID in our documentation and messaging, and have the users search by GUID to get the correct item entry.

Hello @sergio_101 - welcome to the community forums.

Searching by an item’s full ID is not possible in any of the Bitwarden GUI apps/clients, although you can search by the first 8 characters (shortid):

However, it is possible using Bitwarden’s command line interface, in case it is of any help to you:

awesome. let me try this. these are all developers who live in the terminal all day long anyway…


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also, i gotta figure out how to get the short id…

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a way to obtain the item ID from the GUI, so you might have to go through the CLI to obtain that. But glad to hear that the CLI should work for your team! :slight_smile:

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