How do I export all my items for LastPass

Hello, I am facing difficulties exporting my vault to LastPass. I export everything to a .csv file and LastPass does not recognize it properly. Some titles appear in order but the passwords are gone. I am using 2 years premium version and before that I was using again LastPass. The process to import from LastPass to Bitwarden was very clear. Now I cannot reverse it and I have changed most of the passowrds in my vault. Please advise.

Hi @Michael_P1 welcome to the community.

I’m sorry to hear that you are leaving. May I ask what the reasons are?

To answer your question:
The best way is probably to export via csv as explained here and then proceed with Lastpass’s instructions here. Please pay attention to the platform-specific notes, they have added, as not doing so, might affect the formatting of the file.


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Hey Daniel thanks a lot. I am not leaving BitWwarden just want to retry lastpass as a form filler mainly on android.

Is the lastpass better as a general form filler than Bitwarden? Especially in android? I have also tried roboform.

Hey Michael,

ah okay. I hope the export/import worked then.

I myself have no experience with Lastpass or RoboForm on Android, but I’m keen to her what our community has to say.