How do I autofill from dropdown list

I am trying to complete a log-in with a drop down option auto-filled. BW fills the user name and password but its a pain having to scroll down a long list for my particular club

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hi! Which club do you need to select?

Romsey Archway


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Okay, try this. Add a custom field of type text to your item and name it cbSite then set 308 as its value.

Let me know if this works


It does work!

Thank you very much Dario that’s great



Out of curiosity, how did you find this information? Just curious if I have a situation like this going forward with another website. (i.e., what variables to add in the customized field(s)).

I think you need to examine the object (that text field) in the webpage to determine its identifier (in this case, cbSite) Then use that to tie to your custom text.

Which is freaking awesome that Bitwarden provides that level of customization :+1:

Yes, by examining the object I located the name of the field (but I could also exploit bitwarden for the purpose, simply by clicking on the field and doing right-click - bitwarden - copy custom field name) and then found what was the value corresponding to the indicated club


More on custom fields on these pages:


Thanks to this thread, I was able to get my US Treasury EFTPS login information auto-filled. LastPass would never do that because it requires your social security number, PIN, and password. Using custom fields, Bitwarden now filles the first 5 digits of my SSN, PIN, and password. Simply type my last 4 digits of my SSN and I’m able to login… and send all my hard earned money to the IRS. :slight_smile:

Hi! Thanks for this information. Is possible that it work fine on Mac Os (multiple browser tested) but not on iOS or iPadOS (multiple browser tested)?