How do I add users to org-collections using cli

Not able to add users to org-collections
I tried the following command but it doesn’t work :

echo '{"id":"49304e2d-c0e0-4bb5-a12b-c0bc578ad757", "object": "org-member"}' | bw encode | bw edit --organizationid 2a6ebb47-5d23-4a59-abd6-57b36b395e76 org-collection 2f99f6cb-e261-4d91-bcf0-c2534658bc74

Error message

organizationid option does not match request object.

Checked if the user and collection belongs to the organization or not.OrganizationID is also correct.

Couldn’t find anything in the docs on how to do this, so I came here.

Hello @mocktail - welcome to the community forums!

If you are trying to perform user management on your organization, you won’t be able to use the BW CLI. The CLI is designed to work with your vault contents, but user management or other organizational management tasks must be performed using the web vault interface, and cannot be accomplished using the Bitwarden app, browser extension, or CLI.