How do I add an Authenticator Key to a login?

In between the password and URL fields, there is a field called “Authenticator Key (TOTP)”. I assume this is to make 2FA logins easier. How do I use this feature? What exactly would I put in the field? How do I go about using it? Or is it for something else?

Websites that allow you to enable 2FA provide you a QR code or a key. The QR code is only a graphical representation of the key.
This key is what you want to add to the TOTP field in bitwarden. You can either copy the key from the website if it’s provided in plain text or use Bitwarden’s mobile app to read the QR code.

When the TOTP key has been saved, you can see the generated code and copy it to your website. If you log in using the mobile app, the code is copied to your clipboard so you can paste it in the required field.
If you log in using the extension, you might have the TOTP code copied to clipboard too depending on what method you use to login (click on the login in the popup, use autofill on page load, use keyboard shortcut, …) and your browser.

This feature requires premium subscription.

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