How can I use variable length TOTP token generation in Bitwarden?

Feature name

  • Variable length TOTP token generation

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    Add a variable to define the length of the TOTP token required
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    Provides compatibility with TOTP tokens that are not 6 digits long, either a text box with numbers or a drop down box would be appreciated, for each TOTP token stored.

Ironically I’ve only found one service to have a number different than 6 digits, and that was through Authy (I think Cloudflare?)
Not common, in other words, but an obvious easy thing to implement.

Bitwarden is correctly generating 7-digits TOTP for my Twitch. You simply need your TOTP key to include “digits=7” (or whatever required).

Oh wow, I had no idea, not the most user friendly thing in the world but hey, after changing it from just the code to the full otp url with the digits argument it works fine… Yeah mine was for twitch as well.

While it does provide the code I can definitely see this being a problem as it’s not obvious, especially when copying the manual text code, as that doesn’t have any of the other required stuff attached to it.

I think it’s still appropriate to leave this open, but as the functionality exists I’d hope we can improve the usability. If you disagree feel free to comment :).

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

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You’re welcome!

TBH I only subscribe to premium 3 days ago. I used BitWarden as a backup for my TOTP key, and was using Aegis as my TOTP generator, hence I always tried to store the “complete” URI with it, making restore / migration easier. I guess this is how I found about it.

This is good stuff! I moved to the support topic so hopefully others can find and see :face_with_monocle:

There is some more info around TOTP seeds and parameters here:


Great. Thanks! :+1: