How can I use the Firefox extension to login to Bitwarden community

I have created a login for the Bitwarden community.

But when I use it through the Firefox extension it doesn’t log me in; I just see:

So the problem seems to be that the login is hidden behind Javascript. Ok, so I open the login manually. But when I now click on my login in the extebsion it opens a new tab with the unauthenticated community page. :unamused: How can I login with one action on the login item in the Bitwarden extension?

PS: I guess the same problem will happen with other discourse forums as well…

I would like to help but my experience is that I click “Log In” in top right and the login form appears, then I click Autofill in BW and it works fine. Alternatively ctrl+shift+L works too.

Do you have the website url set to “” in the BW login record.

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Thanks for chiming in, @DoctorB.

I have set the URL to, yes.

When I open that url, I do get a “1” in the icon of the Btwarden extension. When I the open the extension panel and click on the Bitwarden Login nothing seems to happen: The page still stays logged out.

Is it another URL to get to the login dialog?

My vault item simply has 4 items. Name, Username, Password and the single Website “URI 1”

I click login, the form opens and background dims.
I click the BW item (autofill) in the extension and the username and password is filled in
I click “Log in” and I’m logged in

I use Firefox and I confirmed it works with Brave Browser (which is becoming my new browser)

@waldalla Please see instructions below:

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Thank you @grb. That is it: I have to click additionally on the login button in the website.