How can i track user logins on a platform

Our organisation plans to utilize Bitwarden to monitor user logins on our platform by incorporating them into the organisation vault. As far as I know, there are no reporting capabilities in the personal vault. However, we are facing a challenge regarding how to track logins on the platform if an entire unit shares one login in the organisation vault. am i wrong and please explain how this can be resolved.

Hi @Eric_Igbinosun and welcome to the community,

Have you checked out the enterprise event logs available in Bitwarden? This should allow you to gain some reporting capabilities for shared Organizational items.

Hopefully that’ll work for what you are looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

if a user logs in from their personal vault would it still show in the reporting ??? thank you

Login yes from what is listed

User events

  • Logged In. (1000)

Though I would note this only would record a successful Login for a user, and not when they Unlock their vault which is the default after they have logged in.
(For more details on the difference you can read Understanding Unlock vs Login)

If that type of reporting and always ensuring users have to Login rather than Unlock is important to your organization, you can check the enterprise policy for Vault timeout action.