How can I delete a passkey from a login item?

Let’s say I have a passkey for a web service stored on my vault.

If, for whatever reason, I unregister it from that web service, that passkey sitting on my vault becomes useless.

How can I delete it from the item where it is stored?

Because if I, for example, unregistered it accidentally and want to register another one, I can’t:


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Hi, I think that’s odd, because here Storing Passkeys | Bitwarden Help Center (in “Create a new passkey”) it says, that existing passkeys can be overwritten. So that doesn’t work? (I didn’t test it yet)

But I just searched for an opportunity to delete a passkey. Interesting! Neither in the browser extension nor the (Windows) desktop app nor the web vault I saw a “delete” button. But I think, there are at least two possible workarounds to get rid of a passkey: 1. you could delete the entry and copy everything else in a new entry or 2. you could duplicate an entry and delete the old entry after that (as is written in the same help page, I understand, that in duplication processes a passkey is not duplicated).

I couldn’t find that + sign to overwrite an existing passkey anywhere.

On the other hand, that + sign shown in the image in the help center (wich is not present, see my screenshot), I would undestand it as an option to create a new item to store the passkey into.

If that’s the icon to overwrite an item’s passkey, it’s very poorly chosen, from an UX standpoint, IMHO.

A + sign usually means adding something, not replacing it.

That’s what I ended up doing, cloning the entry and deleting the original one.

But that’s not very practical, from a usability perspective.

From what I’ve seen, if you try to create a new passkey when one already exists, it either shows a message that a passkey already exists or it lets you replace the old one. I can’t understand in what cases each behavior appears.

I’m running into the need to delete a passkey as well. Microsoft is erroring and not saving the passkey after Bitwarden thinks the passkey is registered. When I login, Bitwarden thinks I can use it to login.

Encountered the same thing on, but I have the ability to replace the key on Not sure what the difference is between these two websites but the passkey that it thinks it has already generated for the government’s login website is completely useless without manually copying and deleting the whole entry.

Attempting to add Passkey for the government’s login website after failed attempt:

wether it is possible to overwrite an existing key with a new one or not, being able to delete a passkey seems very prudent. I’m also curious as to why this is not possible.

It’s similar to saying you can’t delete an OTP, only overwrite. It makes no sense


Same problem here, if a passkey is already registered i can view the existing item, but there is no way to overwrite it.

in my opinion it should be possible to overwrite and delete a Passkey entry.