HOTKEY to LOCK BITWARDEN Browser Extension or make Lock Button visible

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I use Bitwarden on many computers and would like to see a VISIBLE Lock Now button on the Browser Extension where it shows TAB Vault Send Generator and Settings. Or if there could be a HOTKEY to lock the extension or logout quickly for a quick way to secure the Extension. Could this be considered for a future build? TIA

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there is a Lock Now-button under settings and there is also a keyboard-shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+N to lock the extension.

More information can be found here

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I was looking for this also. Just to be able to lock the extension quickly, a “Lock now” under Settings is inconvenient. Also Ctrl-Shift-N doesn’t work in most Chromium based browsers, because that hotkey is being used to open a new In-Private window.

How about double-clicking the toolbar icon locks the vault?

I have remapped Bitwarden’s “Lock Now” hotkey to Ctrl+Shift+X to avoid conflicts with the browser hotkeys.

In Firefox, cmd-shift-N doesn’t work as it’s a default for the browser, so I re-mapped mine to cmd-shift-period on my Mac.

Good options, I have set that now too. However it would still be good to have an action like that in plain sight and not stuffed away in settings. It’s not a setting.
When the vault is locked, the extension shows an Unlock button in the top right. When unlocked it could show a Lock button somewhere there. UX thing.

I think the LOCK NOW should simply be moved up in the sequence of drop downs so it is visible when you click on settings without having to scroll down to get to it. Not sure that would require huge code modification. One should be able to LOCK quickly is the point of my request. Hotkeys do not work with the many different browsers out there. Lock Quickly is what a good security system should be able to do.
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How did you remap the Lock Now hotkey - on W11 pc?

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This depends on which browser you are using. In Chrome, you can configure the browser extension shortcuts by going to chrome://extensions/shortcuts. Instructions for other browsers are available at the link below:

Configuring keyboard shortcuts

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Please add a lock button on top.
the shortcut key is not helping.
Here I already edited the UX design

The Plus button is inside the Search vault.
what ever they type in the search field will appear anyway on the list so adding a [+] button there will create a new log in with what the user had already type in the search bar automatically as the Name of the item.