Host based detection on iOS behavior

Hi ! I encounter a weird behavior on Bitwarden on iOS.

I have a server on my LAN hosted on This server host multiple web interfaces (with login pages) : one on port 80 and one on port 8000.

To ensure the proper autofill behavior, I have changed the detection to “host” based detection for both passwords. However it does not work on the autofill section on the iOS keyboard.

Here is what is suggested when I access the service on port 80

The password for the service on port 8000 is incorrectly suggested above the keyboard. However, when I select the key it suggests only the appropriate password and only show the Unraid credentials.

Thanks for your help,

The port number (8000) is not part of a hostname. To include it as part of your match detection, you likely will need to use regex-match.

Hi ! Thanks for taking the time to answer.
8000 might not be part of a hostname you’re right. However it works fine in the suggestion once Bitwarden app is open.
The suggested password above the keyboard (archivebox) is different from the one suggested by Bitwarden when I click on the small key above the keyboard.

It feels like a glitch…