Home Depot - anyone figure out how to get passkeys to actually work?

Been through this 3 times. Go to HD site, log in, go to change security settings. Enable passcode, BW creates one and stores it. Ok so far, so good. The next time you try to log into HD it won’t allow you to use it, not even seemingly recognizing that you have it set up already. Back to the security settings, tell it to enable biometric/passkey logins. It asks you to confirm, BW pops up the Passkey dropdown, but all you can do is create a new one (yet again). Trying to log in with it repeats the process.

So I’m curious if anyone has been able to get this to actually log you into Home Depot’s site.

I’m sure this is a HD issue with their implementation, not a BW issue. I’m just trying to find a workaround.

Using the BW browser extension on Brave, on a Linux PC.


What if you create the passkey on a Yubikey instead of storing it in Bitwarden? Does that work, or does it result in the same behavior?

How would one initiate creating a key on the yubikey? When on the website, and attempting to set (another) passkey, you get a website message saying to “follow the instructions on your device” which is when BW drops down a browser extension dropdown where you can create a new passkey for that site’s BW record. I’m not sure how I’d save a passkey on the yubikey at that point.

All of this goes to show that while commendable, the entire passkey ecosystem (the human interaction piece of creating them for a particular website, not the underlying encrypted subsystem) is a collosal mess. I don’t see how normal (the less techy) people of this world are ever going to figure this out.

I can try creating one on my phone (while connected to the PC via Bluetooth). That would store it in the Google password manager on my phone (something I’m not crazy about, but I have to admit Google’s implementation seems to work really well.). My hunch is (based on the few other sites where I’ve had similar problems) that it would work.

on the BW drop down during passkey creation just klick on “user your device” hyperlink … this drops out of BW passkey creation and forwards the request to the OS …

There is no “use your device” option.

Just the name of the record (i.e. Home Depot) and below it a single option to use this passkey (the one stored in my BW vault).

I should clarify - since BW already has a passkey for this account, it doesn’t ask me to create one on my device (since the passkey already exists).

Thinking about this some more, I believe what’s happening is the website thinks I’m trying to create a new passkey, and BW thinks I’m trying to sign in with the existing passkey (the two are not in sync). Which again brings me back to the HD website implementation being flawed.

I can live with my previous 2FA login method, but if someone figures out how to make this work on this particular vendor’s website I’d like to know the steps to do so.

If you would like to troubleshoot this further, then either delete your current HomeDepot passkey, or temporarily disable the passkey functionality in Bitwarden, or temporarily add www.homedepot.com to your Excluded Domains list.

Then allow HomeDepot to create a new passkey, but store it on your Yubikey instead of in your Bitwarden vault. If the passkey pop-ups are still enabled in Bitwarden, then click the “Use your device or hardware key” option.

I was able to come back to this, and configure a passkey (stored in my BW vault) successfully for Home Depot. So now when I log in, I fill in the email address then BW displays a popup allowing me to use the passkey in my vault to log in. Works fine now.

I should add that the HD website and logon screens have changed since I was fighting this before, so my guess is they revamped things which probably led to the passkey setup working better.