History: username & password

Hello all, new here. I’ve been a LastPass user for quite a long time, a few years. I’m considering moving to a new password manager because I’ve got quite a lot of accounts now over the years and I don’t like the UI of LastPass when you have a lot of accounts. I like Bitwarden’s UI.

Ok so my question is does Bitwarden show your username and password history like it does in LastPass? I know that it shouldn’t matter if you create new and unique passwords. However I like knowing what I’ve used in the past so I don’t use the same ones. Some accounts I have passwords that aren’t long strings of random characters. So it’s useful for me to know what I used in the past.


yes it has a that feature; looks like his ![image|655x500]


Thanks for replying! Ok this is great! I like how it has unhide and copy by each field too.

It’s nice, what about username history?

Where is this found? I don’t see it for some sites that I have updated the passwords with the bitwarden browser extension in chrome.

EDIT: Nevermind. I found it. There is a little 1 at the bottom of extension for that site showing the history. Clicking on it reveals the old password.