Hiding passwords from users in the organization

I’m an admin in an enterprise.
I would like to grant access to users without them knowing the passwords for the SaaS apps they log in to.
For example, when they try to log in to a specific service, the extension will autofill their credentials (or the password only, when they provide the username) and they will have no access to see the password.
Is that possible?

Hello @Alon_Tal and welcome to the community,

This absolutely can be done!
When assigning users or a group of users to an Organization collection or nested collections you will want to assign granular access controls and set the Hide passwords option.

I would make a note as well of the tip provided in the help article.

Hide Passwords prevents easy copy-and-paste of hidden items, however it does not completely prevent user access to this information. Treat hidden passwords as you would any shared credential.