Hide/Unhide Passwords Option

Could we have an option to show all passwords?
In a one-person office, there aren’t a lot of prying eyes.

Hello @Piney29887 ,

if you click on the eye symbol you can see the password.

To show every password everytime there is one is a security hazard. Imagine someone is walking by or is actually viewing your screen (via TeamViewer, Screenshare etc…) and your passwords would have to be changed immediately. Alternatively you could ‘export’ everything to a non secured file but that would be dangerous as you’d have a file with all your passwords / login information unsecured around…

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I have been using this feature in 1password for years. I think it was the first thing I disabled after installing a password manager. I expected to see this in the Bitwarden clients but couldn’t find anything. A lot of users don’t want to use their passwords as part of an organisation or multi-person office. Not seeing my own passwords and clicking the eye icon is one click to much. A click than I want to avoid by unhiding my passwords. Please add this feature.

I have suggested here with the best solution. Please vote.