Hide information and add "eye" and "copy" icons to "Identity" cards

Right now, when seeing an Identity card, all the sensitive information is visible/unhidden (SSN, Passport Number, etc).

Hide sensitive fields. For example, maybe only show the last 4 of the SSN and hide Passport Number. On top of this, add the “eye” icon and the “copy” icons to the sensitive fields.

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Feature name

  • Identity fields hiding and copying

Feature function

  • This feature will hide the Social Security Number, Passport Number, and License Number a part of an identity by default
    • Doing so will help to mitigate shoulder surfing attacks
  • This feature allows copying the Social Security Number, Passport Number, and License Number part of an identity separately as if in a custom field but while remaining as part of the identity object
  • If Master Password re-prompt is enabled, clicking the view or copy icon will require a re-prompt.

How they currently are (top) how they should be (bottom)

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Feature Name
Change template for Identity objects to hide sensitive fields by default.

Feature Functionality
When creating an Identity object, the following fields will be hidden by default:

  • Social Security number
  • Passport number
  • License number

This would function similarly to the Card object which hides the “Number” and “Security code” fields by default. This feature request is functionally identical to this archived request.

I highly support this. Just realized my SSN was in plain site when I opened my identity. I am a proponent of Bitwarden and will sometimes demo the product individually or in presentations. I’d hate to have my SSN recorded by someone Zoom recording I don’t control because I was demoing the product.

Not sure why I cannot vote. Looking at my votes page three of my 21 votes are marked as completed.

Is there any chance this is being looked at? It’s not great that sensitive fields like SSN are visible immediately when selecting the record.