Hide characters of Email addresses

Feature Name
Option to hide some characters of e-mail addresses(login item) stored in BW.
I really feel Bitwarden should have this feature. It might seem insignificant but it provides some privacy and security. Please share your thoughts

I guess it provides some privacy if you want to show your vault to someone, or someone is staying behind you. However, this might not be an easy task to do.

As far as I understand it, Bitwarden doesn’t differentiate between different logins. For example, it doesn’t care if it’s facebook or gmail. It only does its job - remembers username and password. I don’t immediately see an easy way to make an option where it would automatically detect and hide some characters of e-mails and only e-mails.

If you have 10, 20, 50 e-mails (all gmail for this example) in your vault, wouldn’t this option make searching through them harder? Also, what if I type “john” in the search bar. Would the e-mail “joh*****@gmail.com” show up? It should. But then, what if more then 1 e-mail starts with “joh”?

I see your point, but in the end, I think this option is not worth it. Too much work for too little security gain.


You are right. This is not needed.

@vachan - would you like me to close/remove the topic?

Sure. You can close it