Hide Authenticator Key, Add Email Address

In the creation screen mode…

I’ve never used the Authenticator Key (TOTP) for any of the over 460 entries I have. I suggest an option to turn that off.

Also, 99% of my accounts require an email address (in addition to username). I suggest an optional email address field above the Authenticator Key field.

Thank you.

Joe (v2.3.0 (2173)

I’d also like an option to hide the TOTP field by default. If a user is adding a rare account that uses TOTP, then there could be a button to add that field.

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There’s an open feature request for this improvement, vote here if still interested:

Authenticator Key (TOTP) toggle visibility option

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That request looks like it wants to keep the field on the screen but just hide its contents. This request is to completely remove the field from the screen since it is not used by 99% of accounts. I think both are good requests, and both need votes.

That’s correct. I’m asking for a show/hide option on the ‘Authenticator key (TOTP)’ field. I’m suggesting the option be toggled when creating a new entry. That way - if it’s needed a user can allow it. Otherwise, it remains invisible when displaying the entry.

Voted, I’m surprised this has been open for so long. I regularly want to just add a link to an account or a note when I’m in public, but scrolling past the authenticator key would make me vulnerable to a shoulder surfing attack.


It sounds like you actually meant to vote for the other Feature Request linked above (Authenticator Key (TOTP) toggle visibility option). In contrast, the current thread asks for the ability to completely remove the Authenticator Key field for vault items that do not use TOTP.