Help us test our new Manifest v3 Chrome browser extension

If you are not already aware, Google introduced a new, controversial way of building browser extensions, called Manifest v3 (Mv3). You can read more about it from Google here. While this can sound like a new, simple version to upgrade to, Manifest v3 largely requires you to completely rewrite large parts of your browser extension. Many of the new requirements have been challenging to adopt without sacrificing features or the user experience that you have come to expect. Nevertheless, Google set a deadline of June 2024 to upgrade your extensions to v3 or face removal from the app stores.

Over the past year, the team at Bitwarden has been hard at work adapting our browser extension to the new requirements set by Google in Manifest v3. We feel we have been successful in the migration, however, we need your help in testing this monumental upgrade.

We’re looking for Chrome users to try out the public beta of our new Manifest v3 browser extension! We’ve been testing it internally for a while now and we’d like to get feedback from our users. If you’re interested in helping us out, the beta extension is available in the Chrome Web Store here. You can install it side-by-side with your main Bitwarden browser extension, or disable the main Bitwarden extension during testing so that they do no conflict with one another (things like in-line autofill menus might conflict with one another).

As a user, you should not expect any change in functionality from the previous Manifest v2 browser extension that you are used to using everyday **. If you do find an issue and want to report it to us, we have a Google Form here, or you can always submit an issue in GitHub; please just note that you’re using the Mv3 beta extension so we can get that routed to the right place.

** One thing to highlight is that since this beta is a new extension ID, biometric integration will not work until we get to the normal production track.

Thank you for your support!


Okay - and is it the current design or the new design as shown in the last vault hours? :smiley:

Nothing has visually changed with this version. This is all “under the hood” work.


That’s great, thank you, we’ll test it.
But aren’t you too late, 1 month before the deadline?

Best wishes

Thank you Cesar and team for this excellent write up, Bitwarden transitions from Manifest v2 to v3 | Bitwarden Blog

Can I try it on Edge browser or does it only work on Chrome by now?

Likewise, can this be evaluated on Firefox?