Help locked out of vault on phone

I need some help I’m locked out of my vault on my Android phone and it says to log into the website with my master password to unlock it I have done this and yet still locked out on my phone I looked up to see if it was in help center already and people had the same issue but I did what they did and it didn’t fix mine any help would be great

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.
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Hello @Brian_webb - sorry to hear about your issues accessing your vault. I would try a couple of things right off the bat:

  • First, if your vault is just locked, logout and try to login again (this will refresh your vault in case anything got corrupted locally).
  • Second, if that didn’t help, then reboot your phone and reinstall the app.

If that didn’t help, Android keyboards are notorious for replacing special characters when you don’t realize it. For example, some Android keyboards will replace straight quotes with curly quotes (aka smart quotes). If you have any special characters that are NOT in the list of special characters supported by the password generator, this could be an issue.

If that’s not it, you can consult this guide for other things to investigate:

Hope you get it fixed - let us know how you make out!