Help changing all passwords (ex-LastPass)

As an ex-LastPass user, with their loss of user blobs, it seems prudent to change all my passwords. (I was not one of the people with a short password or low iteration count, so i’m not in a super hurry)
I’m failing to see anything that helps with this, i see a lot of requests but everything seems to be way out in the future.

The ways I can think of would be
-automated password changes for supported sites
-being able to “expire” passwords to flag them to be updated, either manually, by date, or ?
-generating a report of passwords older than a certain age

I dont see any way to do any of this, is there anything that BitWarden does that could help this ?process?

I want to do this for myself, my mom, and 2 other people I help out, this seems like a very tedious process. how do people keep track of what needs updating?

(if it gets broken up into multiple days, and if someone wants to update most important passwords first can complicate the process)


Just been through the same process myself, migrating from LastPass to Bitwarden. Unfortunately, it seems the only option is to be patient and go through it manually, one site/password at a time. I did it over a period of three weeks or so (on and off). One advantage of this process is that it served as a bit of a cleanup, i.e. sites I no longer use or no longer exist could be deleted. Also I was able to better organise everything into appropriate folders though I would have preferred to see tags instead.


My method was to export the passwords from Lastpass as a CSV file which I could then open in Excel and print on paper. That way, it was easy to get an overview of all passwords and mark with a pen when a password had been changed.

Another way is to have your old Lastpass account open in one window and your new empty Bitwarden account open in another window.

Use your Lastpass account to login to a website, change the password and save the new password to your Bitwarden account. Make sure your new password actually works in Bitwarden, kind of important, and remove the old password from your Lastpass account.

When your Lastpass account is empty, all new passwords should be in your Bitwarden account.

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This is possible via the CLI. You do have to write the report yourself though.
I cribbed a bit of python from another member.

I moved from LP in January. Took me 2 weeks to change all the affected passwords. Did give me a chance to spring clean.

I understand that LP vaults are starting to get cracked. Seems hackers are prioritising crypto items first and vaults with low iteration count.

If you’re going this route, check out the PowerShell code snippets posted in this thread: