Heads up to users: DDG is returning phishing sites for the search string "Bitwarden WebVault"

Looks just like the vault login, but is from a .ltd domain. Earlier today was a .pro domain.

I’ve reported to DDG and just spreading the word here.


Thanks for the heads-up! :+1:

Hi @Christopher_McKee, thanks for reporting this issue :+1:. We’re following up with DDG on our end.

@dwbit Now DDG is returning three other Scam Bitwarden vault login sites. Screenshots below (domain blurred for security reasons):


Thanks for the info, it is normal for some users to host their own instances on sub domains, but we are following up on the top level domain in the original post.

Just a heads-up, Yahoo! Search, Duckduckgo, Qwant, and Ecosia are currently returning fake/phishing/self-hosted Bitwarden vault pages on the first page (and as the first result). In fact, the genuine vault.bitwarden.com does not even appear on the first page of those search engines.

If you use Yahoo! Search, Duckduckgo, Qwant, or Ecosia, just be careful not to get phished. Stay safe!

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Thanks again! The team is aware, hopefully most users have bookmarked the login page from the main Bitwarden website in the meantime!