hCaptcha for self-hosted Bitwarden

Hello dear community, I have a question about captcha for self-hosted Bitwarden.
I asked support via email, and got response that hcaptcha is only supported on cloud.
But nevertheless I’ve found “Nginx for Captcha” section in config.yml. When enabled it has no effect on login phase, so what is this for? I didn’t notice any difference.

Hi, @oleksandr-cgp!

The captcha key in config.yml adds the necessary hcaptcha-related configurations to the Nginx default.conf file. Essentially, those changes allow the hcaptcha scripts to run on your self-hosted instance. However, that alone doesn’t enable hcaptcha.

For that, you’d need to add the following to your ./bwdata/env/global.override.env:

globalSettings__captcha__forceCaptchaRequired=true # see https://contributing.bitwarden.com/architecture/deep-dives/captchas/
globalSettings__captcha__hCaptchaSecretKey=0xcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx # replace with your own hcaptcha keys
globalSettings__captcha__hCaptchaSiteKey=12341234-1234-1234-1234-12341234 # replace with your own hcaptcha keys

wow, thank you @trevor_bw !
I even didn’t expect it will work
I will try definetely