Having a self-auto-passwords-changer? without the person changing the passwords!

Here(s) my point, what if there is a ‘Auto-Password-Changer’ on accounts or Computer system(s) using type of technology to rely on like API, having an option to attech something like an api or something down that road is secured and attached in a way so its not used to attack or enfringe on other people(s) technology or web account properties, API is an idea to have a code that auto-changes the owner(s) ‘secure notes’ like a password or passcode to safely change by the user request, and adjusting each ‘secure notes’ to a date or time, to change passwords or passcodes, like on a pc or mobiles/tablets, or any social/web accounts. automation password(s) or passcodes changers will protentialy be safer and secured because of its nature rather than the owner of websites domain or the device to change passwords if a device or website is affected or unsafe at that monent in time.

Would be nice, but will not be possible until all web developers and website owners develop, implement, and comply with a common standard for making password changes. Which is unlikely to become a reality for a long time, if ever.

would it be possible if bitwarden, inc. just implement this idea for devices like linux, apple, or windows. ‘users’?

Don’t get me wrong i know it would be a huge task they have other things to wory about. besides would it be sooner then a web developer, or is it more like the same like a developers of linux, apple and windows, I can imagine it would have to be implemented in the lines of the software, to atleast function something!.

It has been done before. I previously used a password manager with this feature. It only worked for a few sites for which the developers had written custom code and it broke whenever the website owner messed with stuff. The end result was that after a few flubbed up changes, followed by a stressful recovery, I vowed to never use the feature again.

Yes, an common standard (as @grb suggests) would help, but would unlikely get much traction because the industry direction is more about a password-less future than improving passwords.

Not sure I understand what you are suggesting. Are you saying that the operating system account password (e.g., to log on to Windows on a PC) should be changed automatically by Bitwarden?