Have ideas on how to improve reporting? Share your thoughts with the product team directly!

We value your feedback! To improve Bitwarden products, we’re seeking input from admins and owners of team or enterprise organizations. Your input is valuable in identifying ways to improve security insights. 5 individuals who qualify and complete the study will receive a thank-you gift for their participation.

What does the study entail?
This study is an interview format, where you will be asked to share a bit about your current your process monitoring security today and experience with Bitwarden’s existing security insight solution.

How long does it take?
Sessions will last up to 30min-1 hour.

When and where?
The sessions will be held over Google Meet.

Interested in Participating?
Thanks so much for your interest in participating, this study has closed.

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Your feedback is really important to us and it gives you a chance to influence how the product works. We look forward to speaking with you guys!

@Kevin_Harris & @sukhleenb:

If you have not already done so, I would suggest reviewing the following feature request threads for a sense of the community’s needs with regards to reporting:


Not all of those requests are from team/enterprise organizations, but many of them are.