Has the .exe version of Bitwarden blown up?

Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center. - it is not answered there as far as I can see.

The .exe version of Bitwarden used to work on my computers, but I noticed a few days ago that it does not. The browser based versions still do though. I gave it a few days, but still does not work.

After putting in my password it simply responds with a red box containing the words “An error has Occurred. Failed to fetch”. Not the most useful error message. Annoyingly I can’t copy and paste that, so I had to type it myself.

Before anyone asks, yes I do know what the password is.

I don’t use the .exe version often, so it may have happened a while ago. I have downloaded the latest version of the .exe version twice, with the same result.

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No repro on my system. Perhaps check the eMail-address that is mentioned below the input-box for the Master Password.