Group containing all users of an organization


I am wondering how I can share a some secrets with all the users of an organization. An example of that would be the WLAN password until we manage these differently at some point in the future. I understand that this is not desirable, but in such cases still the better option.

Is this possible in Bitwarden?



Sure - just create a collection and add all your users to it, or better yet create a group for all users and associate that with the collection instead.

If you like, you can also set the group access controls to ‘read only’, which is likely desirable, at least for the example you provided.

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Thanks David for the quick reply.

This is how I configured it right now. What I do not like is that this requires manually adding new users to the group. Which can be error prone. I was looking for something like a dynamic group (which automatically contains all users matching some expression) or a special group (which represents all users). Sorry for the confusion.

As we want to switch to SSO setup soon, is there maybe an option in this case? Then I could create a dynamic group in Google Workspace and assign this group to the All collection?

Hey @tricky42, yes you can sync groups using the Bitwarden Directory Connector and Google Workspace :+1: