Greater User account controls for Cloud Hosted

We currently have a subscription to the Enterprise tier for our company. Being’s we are an enterprise, we want all users signing up for Bit Warden under their company email address rather then their personal email. The problem with this, when users leave the company there is no way to completely revoke access or delete that users vault. I would love to see a way when using Cloud Hosted to either revoke access to the users vault when they leave the company and/or a way to change their vault from using their company email to their personal if they choose to continue using bit warden beyond our company.

I do realize we can delete vaults if we host Bit Warden ourselves but we would rather not host our Bit Warden instance.

We’ll be bringing login with SSO (via OpenID / SAML) to the platform in the next couple of months.

This wouldn’t delete the vault, but would prevent accessing it once their email is disabled, though.

I like the sound of that. With SSO, does this mean it would also give admins the ability to access a terminated users vault if needed? Also, will this be available for both cloud and onprem hosted?

No access to the vault since the user would still have a master password to decrypt their data.

Cloud and self hosted are targeted for it :slight_smile:

It would be nice if we could get rid of the whole account so we don’t end up with a bunch of inactive accounts out in limbo but I’m happy to see that we will be able to at least disable the users access down the road. Thank you for the responses on this, tgreer!