Grafana SIEM Integration

I would like there to be an integration with Grafana that is as easy to use as the Elastic or Splunk integration. I currently run an open source project that makes deploying Grafana easier and would be happy to help write code and dashboards to help make this happen.

I’m guessing if I wanted to start working on this I would need to call the events API and find a way to send this data to Grafana Loki and/or Prometheus?

Hi @shiftsystems-tiny Thank you for offering your help with this!

Please have a look at our Contribution Guidelines, these will help you with getting your environment set up and offer further information in regards to contributing and opening a discussion topic on Github.

The events-api does seem like the right approach to gather data. We currently don’t offer a way to subscribe to events so you would have to poll the endpoint, but those details would be best discussed via the Github discussion so our product team can advise on best practices and help flesh out any designs.

Thanks again for being willing to contribute! :shield: