Google Authenticator not working

Hi. I’m in a bit of a panic right now. Some days ago I set up my Bitwarden account w/ Google Authenticator as my 2fa. Until last night I had no problems accessing my account. But now i can’t.

I’m being prompted that my codes are incorrect, which seems strange since I successfully set it up (Google Authenticator/ Bitwarden) in the first place.

I have tried multiple machines, multiple browsers and verified the date and time on my phone is correct.

I really don’t want to have to nuke this account and start over. I’ve spent months cleaning up my passwords and putting them on Bitwarden. I’ve sent an email to their support but have not heard from anyone.

I’m scouring everywhere for my secondary codes but not having luck.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why my 2fa would not work and what i can do to fix it?

Thank you.

when you set up your 2fa did you also set up your email addresses a back up that way you can look in your email and get in your account that way I think bitwarden allows you to do that

Make sure the time/time zone is correct, this is the case 99% of the time.

If tgreer is right on the time zone diff. I suggest you print the recovery codes and use something like aescrypt to encrypt your codes then use secure delete on the recovery code text file. Then you can decrypt your recovery codes whenever this happens. I have used Authy with no issues on LastPass and now bitwarden.
Just don’t forget your encryption key. Store the encrypted file on your ssd or harddrive. Hope you get it back.

I don’t have a recollection of doing that so i’m thinking i didn’t. I probably just set it up and expected it to work like it does with the other sites/ apps that i have associated w/ Google Authenticator.

My time, date and time zone are all set correctly.

Restart all related devices and try different networks (WiFi vs. mobile). Is this an Android only issue ? If not, which OS/browser do you use?

Finally solve my issue!
when you feel about the same problem do feu steps.

  1. switch your current network.
  2. turn off or restart your phone where is the authenticator app and then try again.

problem gone! :slightly_smiling_face:
it’s a bug.