Gmail / Google account login on other apps / sites| Hot do you save it on Bitwarden?

Hi guys !
I’d like to ask you about these cases.
There are some sites / apps where we have chosen to login using our Google / Gmail login (if the site / app offers such option).
In such cases, how do you save / keep the login info on Bitwarden ?
Till now, previously on 1Password and now on Bitwarden, I leave blank the username and password fields, and I just enter a note saying “Gmail / Google account / [email protected]”, so that I’m reminded that I’m using that specific gmail account to login.

But, this is obviously not convenient at all.

Any ideas, suggestions on this ?
Thanks in advance.

This is my workaround to this problem…

In the google account entry, I add a second URI pointing to the site
I want to access.
In this way Bitwarden suggest the right credentials when I navigate to this site.

Hope this help!

P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks @lbios.
Sounds like a good idea.
This should work on websites but I guess it does not work on apps, right ?

This should work on some apps too…

For Android’s Apps the URI to set is:

For example Facebook:

To view the app’s package name I recommend using “Package Viewer” developed by “Little scale app” which is free and without ADS

For Iphone’s apps I don’t know :frowning:

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Good info. Thanks. I will try it.