Global menu integration in KDE environment

Many electron apps integrate well in KDE environment (simple note, balenaEtcher and so on) and it enables the use of global menu (hide the menu bar and go on top like on macos). It is not possible in the bitwarden app for desktop under linux with KDE environment (kubuntu or kde neon). Furthermore, the menu bar does not follow the theming of the system (on dark theme the bar is still with white background).
Thank you in advance.

Linux Menu Bar Support

On KDE Plasma at least, (I haven’t tested GNOME as I don’t have it installed), we have a widget we can put on our panels, it’s essentially a MacOS-like menu bar. Bitwarden does not use this, and instead only uses a Windows-like menu bar built into the window.



Konsole, an application that supports the KDE Menu bar, showing it on my top panel.
Bitwarden, not showing the menu bar in the panel at all, only in its own window.