Global config for desktop app

Is there a way for a global config for the desktop app on Linux?

On the following help page it’s only explained how to do per user: Configure Clients Centrally | Bitwarden Help Center

But I want to set the base url system wide.

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Regarding your original question:
As explained in the help article, you posted, the client-specific data.json is edited and then used as a template to get re-distributed via other software deployment solutions. For example, jamf or other MDM solutions that work on Linux.

If this is meant to be done once, on one machine, then you can enter the environment URL(s) in the desktop client and these will be persisted for future use. More info on that can be found here:

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That’s not the way global config works. Usually you have a config file in /etc/ (for example /etc/bitwarden/data.json). Then the application will take that config first and if the user have a userspecific config file, overwrite the changed config to the user specific value. Some application additionally allows to lock options that can not be overwritten from the user.

That’s the right way a business application works.

Is there support for that?