Glitch - changing password locked me out

Very upsetting.

Happy bitwarden user for quite some time. Got a glitch where browser app suddenly wouldn’t recognize password. For a few minutes my pass was rejected when I tried logging in via bitwarden website. Finally I was able to get in. Decided I should change my password …

When I changed my password, bitwarden WITHOUT WARNING immediately logged me out BUT ALSO CLEARED MY CLIPBOARD HISTORY. Bang! I am now permanently locked out of bitwarden! I hadn’t copied my password down yet. I JUST changed it and would have copied next, but it cleared my clipboard. Password is lost.

Is there any way to get it to revert back to my previous password?

I do have a shared collection with my wife. Is there any way to use that to help me get in to my account?

I do not have a premium account.

Is there anything else I can do?

If you have a phone or some other device that was not involved in the glitch, set it in airplane mode (no network connectivity) before doing anything else and hope that Bitwarden did not sync. Then login to bitwarden on the device with the old password and do a JSON unencrypted backup. Or, if you have been a “cautious admin”, you could also grab your most recent backup out of your secure location.

Once you have a backup, you can delete your bitwarden account using your recovery email address. Then, create a new one with the same address (or different if you want) and restore the backup.

Once you have recovered:

  1. create an emergency kit
  2. create a backup
  3. Set up emergency access so your wife can get into your account after a delay. Primarily intended for things like death, but also usable of things like this.
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This is - for the time being - more a question myself than a suggestion to you @Tergin , but doesn’t this How long are cloud backups stored by Bitwarden? - #3 by grb suggest, that Bitwarden support maybe could roll-back to your previous master password within seven days of the change (in the sense of “replacing the new hash with the old hash in their database” - or something like that)? Either there could be hope - or @grb tells me again, why this is to simple of a thought and where I’m wrong. :sweat_smile:

Happy to oblige. :laughing:

As explicitly stated in the Help Documentation Bitwarden server-side backups (transaction logs) are for the the purpose of disaster recovery, and that “users and organizations are responsible for creating and securely storing backups of their own vault data”.

Disaster recovery would normally mean something likea catastrophic malfunction of the Microsoft Azure servers where Bitwarden’s cloud databases are stored. However, I am also aware of a small number (no more than 1–2 per year) of cases in which Bitwarden has rolled back an individual user’s account data in cases where data corruption as occurred due to a bug affecting the Bitwarden client/server interactions. However, from what I’ve seen, they will not entertain requests to restore vault data that has been lost as a result of forgotten passwords or other user errors, or due to technical issues that were not directly caused by Bitwarden’s software.

It certainly would behoove @Tergin to contact Customer Support a.s.a.p., to see if there is any evidence that their problem was caused by a technical issue on Bitwarden’s side. Based on OP’s description of the sequence of events, I’m not so sure whether that would be the case, though.


Thnx for this. I tried the airplane mode thing but unfortunately it’d alrdeady synced.

I have a json backup but it’s several months old. At least I have “some” of what I lost.

Emergency Kit +1

I’ll contact support and ask about this. Will post back.


Support got back to me. Sounds like a no-go

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Sorry to hear it. I hope that your JSON backup was either unencrypted or of the “password-protected” variety (and not the default encrypted JSON format, of the “account restricted” type).

Also, I hope that your wife has “Can Manage” permissions on the shared collection, so that she can create an export of the collection.

Yeah, I do hv a backup which was unfortunately several months too old. I was able to get added to our shared account (after removing my defunct profile),


Thanks all. Much appreciated.