GitHub Release 2022.11.0 Contains an Old APK

Not sure if it’s a mistake on my end, but it looks like the com.x8bit.bitwarden.apk file on the GitHub releases page (Release Version 2022.11.0 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub) is actually version 2022.10.1. I tried clearing my cache and downloading/installing 2-3 times, but it seems to be an incorrect upload. Not sure if the community forum is the right place to report this; should I make an issue on the repo instead?

Hi @ImranR98,

Thank you for your report. We found the issue and have updated the assets present in the release of 2022.11

If something like this, occurs again, please feel free to create a Github issue for it. It’s more likely to get dev/devops attention.

Kind regards,