Getting t-mobile account login to work

t-mobile uses a 2 page login process.

I got it to autofill the username on the first page but not the password on the second.

I used the html element id name for the password - but no luck.

Any tips?

Hello @erjdriver,
as I have no account on I can not test it. But I have a suggestion as follow:

First create an item on bitwarden with the exact url match for the user name.
Then after prompting for the password you create another item on bitwarden containing only the password. This should also match the exact url.

The disadvantage is that you need to auto-fill twice.

The other option is to ask for a feature request, maybe they will implement it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the excellent suggestion.

But looks like the url doesn’t change when the password “page” is displayed - I suspect it’s doing an xmlhttprequest or just displaying/hiding fields on username entry.

Not a biggee -

If that is so, then I see no good solution soon. I would suggest to save only the password, at least it will auto-fill that.