Getting Emails Everytime i Log In on the Web-Vault on my Self-Hosted Organisation

Hello everyone,
In our company we have a self-hosted Bitwarden Vault. Our users get emails every time they log in to their web vault. This is fine if you are logging in on a different device, but not if it is the same browser on the same network.

Is there a setting that we have to change so that this is no longer the case?

Many thanks in advance for helpful feedback

Hey Beni, is this just the web app or all clients? Are they fully logging out, or locking clients? They can also tap ‘remember email/me’ when signing in.

Hey dwbit, It only affects the web app. In the settings, the option Lock is selected so that only the master password is required. In addition, the option “remember me” is also selected when logging in

Hmm, I don’t get emails every time I log into the web app, feel free to open a ticket with the support team to verify your team’s flow.