Getting "an unhandled server error has occurred" when I try and invite new people

I am not able to add any new users. When I try it continues to error our.

Hello @brayburn - welcome!

Could you provide some more details of your installation and deployment details, such as server version, license version, OS version and host machine type, network config, etc.?

License Version 2.26.1
Linux local host

Hard to say with so little information. I would check your smtp settings to start.

I changed the solution that would send invites to a vendor called sendgrid. I updated Linux. Once I did that and reloaded everything is when I started getting the error.

I’m getting the same error from the SaaS solution on : can’t invite a user to my organization, getting : “An error has occurred.
An unhandled server error has occurred.”

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I have the same issue on SaaS. I presume @Paul-Antoine_Kempf your issue is not yet resolved, right?

Hey @Lukasz_Muzyka you can also reach official support at Get in Touch | Bitwarden