Getpocket password field shows after username field, cannot autofill

Before posting

I did perform search, and no topic came out

I did report autofill failure.

firefox 110.0.1
bitwarden extension Version: 2023.2.1, Server version: 2023.2.0

I cannot autofil password field, which shows after filling username field, console logs error:

More than one element found with opid __0

I have tried custom field name, but the error and inability to autofil password remains.

image of password field

Thank you.

@kangus Welcome to the forum!

This must be a Firefox-specific issue, as I am unable to reproduce your problem in Chrome:


Could you try it in a different browser?

Also, do you have any other extensions running, or is the Firefox password manager still enabled?

I tried the scenario described by @kangus in Firefox and I can duplicate his issue with the Password field. The only extension I’m running is Bitwarden. I also confirmed that the problem persists even with the Firefox Password Manager turned off.

Its not working in google chrome neither.

See screenshot.

@kangus What OS and Chrome version are you using? Were you using autofill on page load, or manual autofill (Ctrl+Shift+L)?

Above, I showed that for my setup (Chrome 111 on Windows 10), the autofill function works as expected on the login form, when using Ctrl+Shift+L (with autofill on page load disabled).

Google Chrome 111.0.5563.111 (32-bit)

I am using Ctr + Shiftlt + L and also autofill, still empty password

Clean installation, no other extensions

I tested the page again, and found the following:

  1. I can now reproduce the issue that the username field is autofilled correctly, but the password field is not autofilled.

  2. Interestingly, if you manually type the username instead of autofilling it, then you are able to autofill the password. This is probably how I did it in my first test.