Getpocket password field shows after username field, cannot autofill

Before posting

I did perform search, and no topic came out

I did report autofill failure.

firefox 110.0.1
bitwarden extension Version: 2023.2.1, Server version: 2023.2.0

I cannot autofil password field, which shows after filling username field, console logs error:

More than one element found with opid __0

I have tried custom field name, but the error and inability to autofil password remains.

image of password field

Thank you.

@kangus Welcome to the forum!

This must be a Firefox-specific issue, as I am unable to reproduce your problem in Chrome:


Could you try it in a different browser?

Also, do you have any other extensions running, or is the Firefox password manager still enabled?

I tried the scenario described by @kangus in Firefox and I can duplicate his issue with the Password field. The only extension I’m running is Bitwarden. I also confirmed that the problem persists even with the Firefox Password Manager turned off.